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We are looking at a quince which I have that earlier today purchased from a cotton center in Nanjing in China back at the managed to report it it’s a gift for a friend with whom I had dinner last night and I thought I’d just quickly record it is a bit primitive as I don’t have all my tools I managed to buy these butterflies as is at the market and that’s previously and the plastic is the part that it came in I haven’t quite finished reporting it and I don’t have a turntable here so we’ll have to manually turn it and we do the other side I have tidied up the Rogers and removed few of the criss-crossing Rogers will have to do for now and it started back looking free for under 10 pounds including pot and the materials the other side of the tree and from this angle we can see two rather large knobs on right-hand side of the trunk this is where the previous ruling has been done a close-up of one of the last few remaining flowers on the screens yes they do and I’ve managed to source some moss which is growing in the grounds of the flat and so trade it on out and face it in the part to enhance the appearance of the tree and the parts and the overall look of it this is the other side and close a posthumous which I’ve managed this moss in place now that’s the bonsai which was created with just a pair of scissors and some very basic material and the entire cost is around 10 pounds or just under 10 pounds not bad for a 10 pound on sight thank you for watching and much more please subscribe and now for the after thought it was this nun she was having a bath and there was a knock on the bathroom door and she said who is it the reply came it’s the blowing man and she thought herself is blowing what can you see and she said coming and the Skywalk sent and he said who Christ it’s where do you hang these blinds

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And we’re looking at a Chinese prince it’s needs tidying up there’s all these suckers and some of the branches have got very long hello everyone I’m Nick Belkin I’m going to remove these suckers distorted I continue removing these suckers we can then start to see the actual tree so having remove these suckers you can actually now see the actual tree okay and who’s at the top it’s got very very long it’s outside the view of the camera and also here I’m just going to cut these back a bit and also remove this growth which is basically attracting from the trunk of the tree anything very close to the trunk juvenile Road should be removed again it hides the trunk and the shape this is not being very much as crying out there you could place just screwing from where this V is bang in the middle that’s no good and also remove these this clothes here don’t need any punches that know this can come off as well don’t approach here right can now start seeing the actual tree and then reduce this tree here and likewise with these branches this is going in what something back to here like that should do it as quick tidy up and you can see there’s a solid frequence hanging on and that’s all I’m going to do but yesterday except for a little bit of tidying up of the pot the outside of the pot is a bit dirty so I’m going to clean that up and the top of the pot again remove some debris and a few weeds I’ve pruned it and tidied it up a bit and also cleaned up the pot it’s beautiful when it it’s in blossom the flowers are red there’s absolutely no leaves and when it finishes flowering that’s when the leaves come out and also she has a bit of fruit this year there’s just the one and this is where I’d remove branches in the previous year again this was shortened there’s a huge branch here which I removed there’s another branch up here that was removed and there’s better fill in those taper here because that’s where the graft was and also here there’s a little bit of a problem but whereas in blossom all this becomes insignificant and I like these because of the flowers they’re absolutely stunning and you give it a quick turn and that’s back to the front thanks for watching to watch more please subscribe this is a pecan for wick bonsai in respondent there were these two cannibals walking through the jungle and this missionary on his bike and he saw these cannibals in the cannibals ocean and he jumped on his bike and started paddling furiously and one Kahneman looked at the other honest and he said look meals on wheels

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Hello everyone today I’m going to share with you my quince tree have got quite a few of these and some of them have been made from cuttings propagated and made into one size from cuttings and if you’re new and you’re visiting please subscribe hit that subscribe button and then hit the bell and get the box and save and you will receive notifications of all my update this is the first of the Prince trees and has a lot of bugs some of them haven’t opened yet right this is the apex of the tree and you can see how many queens flowers and opened up there’s loads of flowers further down on the branches and also the front here and these parts have not yet opened and on the right side that we have this branch and again flowers have opened up and these bugs yet will open be Bobby plows on the middle of the tree and we’ll just client work of a rounded does the view of the right branch of this particular tree okay this is the tree in its full view I like this please this time of the year I am optom around my garden and it just makes it all look very very pretty before the other flowers start to appear and also afterwards if there’s food there of Quinns fruits on these very little trees this is the second of the quince tree and other give it a quick turn and this one also has quite a few flowers and just launched I’m letting it grow this plant am letting it go and it’s quite long at the moment i’ll bring it into the camera and it will be pruned back to about there and that will be when these flowers finish and a backstage i will clone it and it will be propagated and i will make another swim straight out of it and the same applies to this lounge here is being allowed to go intentionally will be pruned back to back there and again complicated and same thing with this one and we film that glass there and propagated and that is how I make more quince tree one of my favorite Chinese quince tree and last year it bloomed and they were flowers but not as many as this year and useful in the previous video you have seen one solitary thing hanging on and that was last year’s our food and this year it has bloomed very nicely as you can see up here and not all the bugs have opened yet their buds up here but here which haven’t opened and but fear likewise on this branch is this flower which is just large opening and the rest of the buds haven’t yet opened and it’s a difficult creative second I’ve managed to get adjusted budget excuse to get it resetting as much of this virtually the top of the tree and I’ll zoom in a little bit more and take a closer look at the flowers and this is the physics of the tree with a few flowers and bugs up there point these are more flowers at the upper end of the tree and after this we will want to be smaller quince tree which have been propagated and made from cutting staton in the previous year this is another little quince and it was propagated from the cutting weight from one of the larger trees under the quick turn and it’s got most of the flowers and buds on this sideways launch another of the cuttings from which this tree was made is doing quite well and go again the branches will be thrown back once the flowers are finished and made into more very things please this this launcher they grown back to back here and this volatile ductal out here and this again will be pruned back to us there and we’ll end up with a very tiny cutting and these also are quite interesting the climbing cottages I don’t throw them away I’ll just share with you what I’ve done with a similar cutting in the past but this is what I do with the very tiny cutting is a very good example distance thought is virtually like a symbol it slightly larger maybe two or three symbols and we’ll zoom in and show you what happens now this is a close-up of the little quince cutting that I propagated couple of years ago and it hasn’t flowers yet but I’m looking forward to the day when it to have its well flower and after this about one more this is the exhaust of the quince trees again propagated from cutting on the last few years and it was the first one to flower and the flowers are now starting to fall off we still a few buds that haven’t opened and it’s not every desktop me please all these flowers as recited flowered early and the flowers and of dropping off but what I wanted to share with you all that what can be done with cutting it’s quite a small tree and very cute that’s all the princes for today thank you for watching and if you’re new here then d subscribe hit the subscribe button and hit the down and get the box and face then you will receive notifications of all my uploads as we happen so you will not miss anything this Victor called for Mick bonsai in West London now the afterthought why do mummy have difficulty in making friends because they are too wrapped up in themselves you’re doing