plant decoration in living room

BONSAI TREE making for Beginners at Home, Jade Plant, indoor plant decoration in HINDI eng subtitles

Take a shallow Pot/Tray. Holes are for draining extra water Jade Plant Trunk is thick, groovy and looks like an old tree. Bonsai Soil is made up of Half Sand(bajri) and half garden soil It helps proper drainage Cover holes with flat stone Spread a layer of Soil Roots of plant should grow side-ward not downwards. Place plant on a side in pot for natural looking, placing in center is not appropriate Branches should go opposite sides Place a stone under the roots so that they grow side wards. Place the plant and spread another layer of soil. Water the plant Soil must adsorb water and drain extra water.

Jade Plant is very fleshy and do not need excess water. Coral stones for decoration and support for tree. spread stone granules for decoration, moss can also be used. love birds or any other show piece for decorating. .