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How to Bonsai a Peepal tree (With English subtitle)

Hello This is a peepal tree Initially the plant was planted in normal soil Then it is transferred to a pot I am working on the root of the plant so I have to take a good care of the roots This is a a handmade hill type tree pot you can plant tree or cactus I have made this in my home If any one missed the video please see the video (link in description) now see I am planting the peepal tree in the hill type pot Previously I have placed a stone under the roots since here a light weight material required so I am placing a half coconut shell under the root. These are home made bonsai soil After one year for the last one year the tree was in the hill type pot The soil has become Harden Now the treetop require a repairing. so I dismantel the plant I am placing the plant on a different pot This is also a tree pot made out of stones This also I have made in my home If interested you can watch the video in my channel.

Main important thing in bonsai plant is soil, drainage hole keep them perfect the root should not get decomposed. Thank all of you for watching the video .