How to Grow Orange Bonsai | Calamondin Chinese Orange | Bonsai Trees for Beginners //GREEN PLANTS

Growing orange bonsai from air layering these are already prepared orange tree air layerings Cut the air layers, from the bottom of the polyethylene remove the polyethylene be careful do not cut the roots now place the root ball in the pot and fill it with potting soil press it gently and water it after 60 days now ready to re pot this orange plant get the tree out of the pot remove the soil this is the hand made clay pot in this pot now i’m going to repot the orange plant put the stones first layer these stones will provide better drainage to the plant add the bonsai soil fill the soil in half of the pot place the tree in soil place the moss on top of the soil add the stones and cover the soil this helps to keep the soil moisture and also when you are watering to the bonsai tree the stones protect the soil and roots from damages watering to the orange bonsai tree pour the water for every two days after finished re potting

Annoying Orange – Wazzup 3: Bonsai Tree

-Pear-p-p-pear, p-pear, p-p-pear Pear-pp-pear, p-pear, p-p-pear -Would you please stop it? -Oh come on, Pear, let’s do a duet. -Please stop singing. -Aw, you’re just jealous ’cause you don’t have my awesome vocal skills, right Midget Apple? -For the last time, it’s Little Apple. -Are we still arguing about that? -Parteh! -So this is where the party’s at? Nice. -Whoa, what are you guys? -We’re the Party Platter. -Yeah, we bring the party. -Party! -Party? -Party. -Party? -Party. -Party? -Parteh! -eh! -eh! -eh! -eh! -eh! -Party. -Parteh. -Hey, don’t start the party yet. -What the? -Hey guys. You didn’t start the party without me, did you? – -Whoa-whoa-whoa, what’s all the screaming about? -The kitchen’s being invaded by mutant broccoli. -Hah, I’m not a broccoli. -Huh? -Yeah, I’m a bonsai tree. -Bonsai? -Bonsai. -Bonsai? -Yeah. -Bonsai? -Bonsai! -Bonsai! Bonsai. -Bonsai! -Bonsai! -ai! -ai! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -Bonsai! -Wait-wait-wait-wait, guys stop. I think I’m gonna sneeze. Ah-ah-ah -Bless you. -Thanks. Bansai! -ai! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -Bbbbbonsai! -ai! -ah! -eh! -ah! -Whoa. Those guys really did bring the party.

-Hey, who cut the cheese? – Good one, bonsai tree. -No seriously, who cut the cheese? Captioned by SpongeSebastian .