How to make a bonsai tree

How to make a Bonsai tree (from a starter kit)

A fun way to start grow Bonsai trees, is to buy a starter kit and grow and train a Bonsai tree yourself. In this movie we will show the progression of this young plant, after pruning, wiring and repotting, this was the result… A starter kit usually contains a young plant, a Bonsai pot, some wire and soil. Alright, so lets get started on this tree. First of all, we start to clean out the tree. Carefully study your tree, and decide on what shape you intend to create in it. While it is easy to prune branches, it can be very hard to make them grow back. Once you have decided which branches should be removed, prune these, slowly working your way up the tree. Start with freeing up the trunk a bit. When pruning larger branches, you need a concave cutter. This cutter leaves behind a hollow wound, that heals much better. After pruning the larger branches, focus on smaller branches, until you are satisfied with the result. Next, we wire the branches, starting with the larger ones. Carefully apply wire around the branches at an angle of about 45 degrees.

Try to wire two branches of the same thickness with one wire. As a rule of thumb, apply wire about 1/3 the thickness of the branch. When you’re done wiring the larger branches, work your way towards the smaller ones. Finish wiring the entire tree, before you start positioning and bending the branches. Now that we have pruned and wired the tree, it is time to repot it. To get started, we prepare the Bonsai pot. Place two wires that can be used later on to attach the tree firmly to the pot. We also cover the watering holes by attaching a plastic mesh. When the pot is ready, we prepare the soil mix. Usually a starter kit comes with premixed bonsai soil, but if not, check our website for more information. Now remove the plant from its plastic container and get rid of any loose soil.

We also want to reveal the trunk a bit. Carefully unravel the roots using a root-hook. To make the tree fit in the pot, you will need to prune away roots. You can prune up to about 1/3 of the total root mass. Now, put some soil in the pot. The tree is now ready to be placed in the pot, but first, decide on what the front of the tree should be.

Place the tree just off the center and attach it carefully with the wires that were attached in the pot earlier. Cover the roots with soil and by using chopsticks we make sure that the entire rootmass is filled with soil. When we’re done, we water the tree. Now we have a Bonsai tree; pruned, wired and repotted. So what’s next? Remove the wire after a few months, otherwise the branches would get damaged. Check our website,, for more information! .

How to Grow Adenium Bonsai Step by Step with 12 Months UPDATES-Adenium Bonsai-Bonsai//GREEN PLANTS

Welcome back to my channel today i’m going to show you the Adenium bonsai updates from re-potting two months later from first re-potting this adenium bonsai pruning the branches with a sharp blade 12 months later from first re-potting now preparing the bonsai to re potting remove the old soil completely it’s a flat round bonsai pot put the bonsai soil stones on the base layer next put the bonsai soil placing the plant in the center filling the sand after potting watering covering the soil with fine sand finally fill the white stones to cover the soil , this will help to keep the soil moist 8 months later, pruning the branches 12 months later bonsai blooming thanks for watching

How To Create A Bonsai Tree – The Transformation

The first thing to do is to study the tree and take your time. Really look at the structure. This way of thinking will greatly increase the potential and the results of this future bonsai tree. Remove excess soil so you can see where the root surface is ending and the main trunk is beginning. Now it’s time to remove all dead branches and foliage so we can open up the structure even more. Next step will be to select branches.

And you should always go for the branches that are strong vigorous and growing from the best position and at the best angle. Remove the weak and juvenile foliage. Work your way from the bottom to the top. Now it’s time to wire the tree. And we do this because we want a tree that we can shape. Wire the main trunk first. Not too hard and not too loose. When you are applying the wire, use it as a lever. Apply pressure and tension with one hand holding the wire in place while coiling around the main trunk with the other hand. Use one piece of wire for two branches or more if possible.

That gives you stability and anchoring. And it also saves you a lot of wire. Styling and shaping your tree is one of the last parts in the whole design process. This gives us the satisfaction of having the tree exactly as we would imagine. Something that is hard to achieve but can be done with experience and practice So, while bending a bonsai branch it’s important to know that you need to keep pressure and hold tension with your thumbs on the wire and not the branch itself. Because then it might break.

As you can see.. this tree has a lot of feeder roots to work with when Spring comes around the corner. But until then I’m going to let it have it’s Winter’s sleep. This is Johan, and you have been watching “Bonsai Talk.” .

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Friends, if you have not yet subscribed to the Mammal Bonsai Channel Then subscribe to the channel by pressing this red button And press this bell button so that when I upload a new video, you get the message Hello Friends , I am Vijay saini & welcome to Mammal Bonsai Friends, I have so many questions that when we start bonsai Can we start bonsai now? So today we will talk about the issue that when and how to make bonsai We can not put Bonsai in a pot like ordinary plant They have to fix the roots, soil has to be reduced. If you have a monsoon here, then you can start bonsai The temperature here is above 40 degrees The temperature yesterday was almost 43 So here it is so hot that it is not ok to do any work on Bonsai They just have to save from heat.

In the coming rainy season we will start making bonsai Who are going to start making bonsai for the first time It is a good option for them to make bonsai in the rain. You can make a bonsai by bringing the plant from the nursery and how to make it that we will tell in the next video. They have an option that the air layering in the rain is very fast We can prepare with cutting and Get ready with a nursery If you have a thick stem plant near you, then you can make it bonsai. So it would be better to make bonsai in the rain like this To make bonsai in such heat, when we put the plant in the second pot, its roots can be damaged and the plant may die. Because the plants which are already engaged in the pot, they are having trouble from heat As I showed you in a video that I took my plant down to save it from heat So it is not right to make bonsai in such a summer We have to wait a bit as soon as rain arrives, we will start making bonsai I will show you how we can make a bonsai How to Make Bonsai from air layering ,cuttings,nursery stock Let me tell you a bit about the plant in front of it so that you have a little idea about how you can make Not everyone has the wire to make bonsai, so I will make some bonsai without wire This method is called Clip and Grow Method That is, you should cut his branches from upward and give shape of your choice.

So we can make bonsai like this This is a Hibiscus plant that we prepared from the air layering in the previous rainy season. I did not do it on a thick branch just to tell you how to do air layering Let me show you a small recap of it that How did we air it and how to put it in a pot and how to cut it So let’s see the recap So this plant looks like this today But this is not just bonsai yet, it is a Normal plant we have to give a bonsai shape, then what we have to do Whenever you bring only the plant, to make the bonsai, first it is to select its front Bonsai is kept in such a way that when we see it in front, it seems like a big tree is kept.

So the front part of that tree is called Bonsai’s Front So we have to find a front in the plant If you find a front you will be able to work well on it for make bonsai So now we have to find the front in this plant So i show you Look, if we keep it like this then its look is not good its side branches Do not see and If we keep it like this So its shape looks a bit like Bonsai Although its trunk is not thicker from the bottom As soon as its trunk is thick, it will look like Bonsai I have put it in this pot for thick trunk If your plant is small then put it in a big pot or put it in the ground. Will be thicker in the ground The point to note in Bonsai is that the base of Bonsai should be thick Because those are old trees have a thicker base The upper roots of plants are seen in Bonsai, which are called Nebri So we have to show that roots When Bonsai will apply in pot There is a lot of effect from the base of this After that, how are its branches and what is the structure of the entire plant? These things are seen All these things show your Bonsai good I show a little closer This branch is looking at I show a little closer See what we have to do It is from the branch which is below No new buds will be seen in between The buds you see are grow later Because I had cut it off here otherwise First there was no buds So it is necessary to have budds in Branch So we have to keep prune it forward so that it keeps growing from the back so We remove from the top branch look that i will remove this new growth If there are two branches in one place then remove one like this look at this branch , its down side so we will remove it when its trunk will thicker then we get good shape now its canopy is looking heavy So we’ll prune it a little bit mean we will remove new buds Plant balance should be maintained these little branch should be remove But I will not remove it now Because there are only two branches from here in our plant, we need one more branch when this branch grow well then tree looks good so i don’t remove it now We can do the remove of the branch later Therefore, remove the branch carefully Can remove the branch later, but can not repeat the defected branch remove dry and yellow leaves It’s a part of the back part so it does not look so good As much as this looks better than that side looks good from this side There is a lot of work to do right now, it’s just the beginning.

We have to remove the branch in front of it. We have to grow the branches of its side remove upperside buds Do not let the tree grow more than you have to keep This will be that the new buds will be there in the Branches where the blank place I have sorted it a little bit i will tell you in detail step by step when raining season will come i will also buy many plants for making bonsai and then i will make videos that how to make bonsai and how we can select plants for bonsai there all things we will discuss this is my jade plant i have grow it from cutting if you have little plant like this then you can make bonsai them now we will grow it when will its branch grow long then we will prune them no need to wiring this plant when this branch will grow two more branch also grow from sides so like this the plant get a bonsai shape these little buds you can see i will remove it later and plant as cutting So this time, in the rainy season, you should start making bonsai if you have any query or want to show your plant pic so you can send on my facebook page or you can send query in messenger you can search my facebook as MammalBonsai1 mammalbonsai is my page on fb and mammalbonsai1 is my facebook so you can send me msg In this season we will bring bonsai informative Videos so Stay with our channel you can watch my other bonsai basic videos till then weather become cool So that you get a little bit of information and you’re easy to make bonsai I will give the links to those videos in the end so you can watch that videos ok friends see you in the next video till then goodbye Thanks

How To Grow Bonsai Trees From Seed – Subtitles Available

Hello, my name is Vinny and today’s story is about how this tiny seed changed into a bonsai tree in just 2 years. this tree is known as white lead tree in English and in India it is called as Su-babul in Hindi. it is an extremely fast growing tree and in many countries it is banned because it is considered as a weed. this tree was born in the pot, in pure garden soil and has survived the peak of my ignorance because I got started in bonsai at that time, around 2 years back. so let me show you some close-ups first and then I’ll tell you more about this this tree was almost 8 feet tall when i first cut it off, so it was chopped off at this height and now the wound has kind of healed nicely I have never wired this tree. I have always pruned it and kept it short and instead of wiring, what I have done actually is preferring to keep these branches downward facing, using twine and this twine has hooks like this, so these metal hooks, they pull the branch down and are inserted or pushed into one of the side holes.

So depending on how much tension I want, I can keep varying the position of the holes. so I kind of like it, the way it has come out now. of course, I will need to do some wiring also but for the time being the main branches are all held down in position with this. i somehow … personally, i don’t like wiring much. I have seen what good it can do but I have a slight aversion to it and besides, good quality wire, Aluminium wire is expensive. so there is a shortage of wire in my collection. so wherever I can get away with this kind of technique I do that but where wire is absolutely essential I do get into that. so this is mainly clip & grow technique and in one of the videos I saw Nigel Saunder’s of the Bonsai Zone explained that most of the amateur people what they’re doing is clip and clip. they are not allowing the plant to grow.

so this was a mistake which I was doing and I then corrected myself. so I clip and let it grow, then again clip, again let it grow because having read the styling techniques I was saying okay this branch is wrong or there are two at the same point and I would immediately go and prune it. so, as a result what happens is the plant is never allowed to grow, it’s always fighting this pruning disease. you have got to let the plant grow wild then clip, again let it grow wild then clip again. so that’s how it’s supposed to go. i was very naive. in part 2 of this video I’ll be covering the following things – .