how to grow lucky bamboo at home

How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo – Proper Method //GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel this video is to show you how to propagate a lucky bamboo i have a mother plant here so i’m going to cut off the stalks i just cut the stalks with a sharp knife cut off the tops of each one here it’s a straight stalk cutting now prepare the cuttings to the propagation remove the leaves in lower part of the stalks just removing and get a clean area for rooting place the all cuttings in water for a month keep it in indoor or shady area and replace fresh water every week after cutting the stalks from the plant we have to seal the top candle wax sealing is easiest way to seal the top sealing that will prevent the top from rotting after 20 days new roots are developed then i’m going to plant these cuttings in another pot i just take the rooted stalks and tie up with a thin wire just put some pebbles and gavels in this glass pot then fill the water another way to plant the lucky bamboo in this pot i just put a small stone on the hole put the coco peat in the pot the place the plant and fill some more coco peat use spray water to coco peat because coco peat holds enough water to the plant so we don’t need to pure much water after planting lucky bamboo thanks for watching and subscribe, like and share