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How To Make A Tanuki Bonsai | Chinese elm Tanuki Bonsai | bonsai trees for beginners //GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel today i’m going to create a Tanuki bonsai to create tanuki i just select a Chinese em to make a bonsai before making tanuki preparing the Chinese em plant first i just remove the pot and soil after to create a tanuki we must need a piece of strong dead wood now i just take an old juniper branch this branch treated and prepared for tanuki we can see the shaped and carved line and some some small holes in the branch so it can be used as the deadwood for our Tanuki after attach the Chinese em into the carved line of the deadwood now i’m using a black sellotape and 1mm thick aluminum wire to attach the chinese em after potting tanuki bonsai put the bonsai soil in the pot and place the plant in the pot make sure the roots must be contacted with the soil then add some bonsai soil this dead wood does not rot or spoil when watering because i have treated the dead wood with a chemical preseravative by soaking it in a wood sealer for two weeks then letting it dry for six months.

so this plant can live long in this dead wood with moisture pour water once in 3 days keep in full shade for few weeks .

Bonsai | Bonsai Repotting | Chinese elm Bonsai | Bonsai Trees for Beginners//GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show you the update of Chinese elm bonsai tree after one year i’m going to repot this bonsai first i just remove the moss from the top soil next loosen the soil and remove the old soil carefully remove the tree from its pot pruning the long roots and side roots its a new cement bonsai pot i just select for my Chinese elm bonsai now add fine gravels in the base layer of the pot for good drainage next add the bonsai soil and spread evenly next place the tree in right position next add the remaining bonsai soil and cover the roots with soil next remove the air pockets from the soil using a this stick next spray the water to the soil then replace the moss and add colored stones on the top layer of soil this will help to keep the soil moisture and also give beautiful look after re potting pruning the leaves its a maintenance pruning pour the water twice a week and keep in partial shade and bright sun light area thanks for watching