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welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show you the making of tree stump planter white cement,plastic pot and jute cloths are used to make this planter first soaking the piece of jute cloth in white cement and water mixture for one to two minutes then takeout the cloth and put it on the plastic pot and then do the same process with another jute cloth completely cover the pot with cement soaked jute cloths after covering this pot with cement cloths , apply the cement mixture next making like a tree trump after 4 hours now cement completely dried next i’m going to add one more layer cement to make a strong tree trump shape planter now i’m just scratching on the outer surface to make like the tree stump now completely cement dried painting now i just make the drainage holes now tree stump pot is ready to use next i’m going to plant a bougainvillea plant in this planter thanks for watching .