Bonsai Workshop on How to Shape a Wild Tree as Bonsai and Gain Taper

Bonsai Workshop on How to Shape a Wild Tree as Bonsai and Gain Taper, Be The CREATOR, May.2018

Hello brothers and sisters, I warmly welcome all of you to Be The CREATOR channel Friends, I’m going to present today a workshop on bonsai This tamarind tree you are seeing has been growing in this pot for the last 15 years and has grown wild like this carelessly. The taper, ramification and trunk height it has are not bonsai suitable at all So how can you fix this, how can you give the bonsai look to a wildly grown tree? That’s what I’m going to share with you today. The work I’ll do, you do not need any description, and you will understand it while watching The first thing that I will do is correction of its wrong ramifications and wrong taper For this we need to have some major trunk chop, so let’s start friends Look, I have given a picture, by which I am changing its shape Now I am removing the bark of the branch which I have just cut off What will be the result of it? Its wood will dry up and then it will be easy to work on it Now look at the trunk heights and the taper which is not appropriate If I do the ground level here then its perfect look can be found So what I have to do here, I have to grow roots on this level To develop the root, I have to do ground layering here If I get root here with the help of ground layering, then I can raise the ground level too So from this place I will do the ground laying, I will get root from the place where I am cutting Then this will become the ground level Ground layering is the same way as you do in air-layering And now soil mixture, 40% gardening soil and 60% cocoa peat And this plastic pot has open from both sides I will put the soil inside it and it will grow roots inside it I’m putting some little pebbles and sand on top so that my soil doesn’t get wash out during the watering Now watering I’ll be watering it very well There is no dearth of moisture in any way Because, if the soil becomes dry then new grown roots can be burnt Here’s the shape after work And here it is 45 days later New look of the tree Lots do new shoots and flowers are here, it’ll fruit now This is a sweet tamarind tree I don’t need these new shoots, so I’ll remove them It needs little pruning, or it’ll grow lengthy To control the growth I’ve to prune them Here it is after prune Let’s watch how the new root ball grow after 45 days Yes it grew very nicely Now I’ll let it grow more and in early monsoon I’ll separate it and plant it in new pot If you think this video is helpful then please Like & Share it and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel That’s all for now friends,see you soon on next video Till then Goodbye