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How To Make A Tanuki Bonsai | Chinese elm Tanuki Bonsai | bonsai trees for beginners //GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel today i’m going to create a Tanuki bonsai to create tanuki i just select a Chinese em to make a bonsai before making tanuki preparing the Chinese em plant first i just remove the pot and soil after to create a tanuki we must need a piece of strong dead wood now i just take an old juniper branch this branch treated and prepared for tanuki we can see the shaped and carved line and some some small holes in the branch so it can be used as the deadwood for our Tanuki after attach the Chinese em into the carved line of the deadwood now i’m using a black sellotape and 1mm thick aluminum wire to attach the chinese em after potting tanuki bonsai put the bonsai soil in the pot and place the plant in the pot make sure the roots must be contacted with the soil then add some bonsai soil this dead wood does not rot or spoil when watering because i have treated the dead wood with a chemical preseravative by soaking it in a wood sealer for two weeks then letting it dry for six months.

so this plant can live long in this dead wood with moisture pour water once in 3 days keep in full shade for few weeks .

Bonsai | Bonsai Repotting | Chinese elm Bonsai | Bonsai Trees for Beginners//GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show you the update of Chinese elm bonsai tree after one year i’m going to repot this bonsai first i just remove the moss from the top soil next loosen the soil and remove the old soil carefully remove the tree from its pot pruning the long roots and side roots its a new cement bonsai pot i just select for my Chinese elm bonsai now add fine gravels in the base layer of the pot for good drainage next add the bonsai soil and spread evenly next place the tree in right position next add the remaining bonsai soil and cover the roots with soil next remove the air pockets from the soil using a this stick next spray the water to the soil then replace the moss and add colored stones on the top layer of soil this will help to keep the soil moisture and also give beautiful look after re potting pruning the leaves its a maintenance pruning pour the water twice a week and keep in partial shade and bright sun light area thanks for watching

Bonsai Slab Planting | bonsai trees for beginners | Grow Bonsai On a Slab // GREEN PLANTS

In this video i’m showing now making of slap bonsai bonsai slap planting and then these plants are already wired this is a cement bonsai slap on this slap i’m just making clay wall or pot materials i used to make this clay mix natural pottery clay peat moss and water if you don’t have peat moss or natural pottery clay you can make this clay using garden soil with water this clay wall must be at least 2.5 inch height because there must be enough space for planting after drying clay wall place the plant in slap pot then put the bonsai soil mix press the soil slowly then put some soil after place the moss to cover the clay wall moss retains the soil moisture and avoids soil eroding after put some stones this will protect the soil and keep moisture and also looks beautiful i’m just putting some sand for beauty finished work every day watering need for this slap bonsai use sprayer to water and over watering will affect the plants so Do not pour too much water and sunlight for bonsai bonsai needs about 5 hours of direct or indirect sunlight per day Place your bonsai at a window facing the south

How to Grow Maple Bonsai From Seeds /Japanese Maple / for beginner – 6th june 2017/Mammal Bonsai

If you have not yet subscribed to the Mammal Bonsai channel Then subscribe to the channel by pressing the red button And press this bell icon so that when I upload a new video you get the message Hello Friends, i am Vijay saini & welcome to Mammal Bonsai . i have some queries that how to grow japanese bonsai from seeds Maple Bonsai seed does not mean that the seeds will become bonsai only these seeds are normal maple tree seeds If we grow up they will become a normal tree So there is no seed of Bonsai. We have to make it bonsai it has to give a shape So that’s why I bought some seeds Yesterday I had received this seeds So I thought I should share with you maple seeds need cool climate to germinate While there is a lot of heat here, and seeds can not survive this summer.

But i brought these seeds for try it i will try with different method i will tell you how you can also try it if you have these seeds so i will tell you that how to grow it so first of all open it and take seeds now open packet I have not bought seeds online yet have bought for the first time today because these seeds not available here so i brought it there is 10 seeds in this packet look this may be its bill and these are seeds There were 10 seeds written in it.

But there is more seeds in it more than 10 seeds it is bill of 99 look this is seeds now talk that how to grow so first method is that Take this type of zip lock bag and fill it in the peat moss when will use peat moss spray lightly with water for keep moisturising don’t take big bag take bag according your seeds take moisturized peat moss and mix seeds in peat moss then lock zip and keep in refrigerator after 3-4 month is will germinate then you can shift in different pots one other methode is that mean keep it to soak water at night then morning you can keep in peat moss bag after zip locked keep it in refrigerator in this way it grow fast This is the way to grow it fast that .. grow direct ut for that you need fresh seeds mean if you collected seeds from tree then you can grow it direct in the soil so then seeds grow quick keep it in refrigerator in october -November and then sow it in the february then also grow fast because here germination process fast in february plants growth also fast so we can grow like this so i will tell you both method sp let’s start its seeds same like rosewood its seeds like rosewood seeds these seeds are mixed seed , here see two type Look i show you you can see two type seeds here its different its looks green and this verity is different take a zip bag like bag if you want to grow 10-20 seeds then You take a little bigger bag than this But I’m experimenting and I will grow with many method And see which of these 5-7 ways is successful And the way I succeed I will share with you so now i will tell you common ways to grow maple seeds take peat moss like this but i haven’t peat moss so m using cocopeat fill the coco peat in the bag It must be aware that there must be a moisturising in it not dry look , we filled it now put the maple seeds in the bag i will put 4 seeds i will shake it after put seeds So that seed can be mix n Coco peat or mix it in cocopeat with your hand I have put the seeds in it and now I will seal it.

I will lock zipp like this we have zipped it and now keep it in the refrigerator I will keep this in refrigerator For 4 months And then we will see the result of what comes We will continue to see this in between and then any seeds sprout so this is our first way we can grow like this You can soak it by planting it like this 2nd method is that how to grow direct in the soil for that i will use this pot Although this method works well on the fresh seeds We should sow from January to February But we try and see what goes on in trying when you grow direct then you can grow in bonsai soil also but for that need cool climate and here not good climate for maple i will use bonsai soil for these maple seeds look ,we will use this bonsai soil now i will sow the seeds in the soil so i will put 2 seeds look this One will grow this kind of seed and one this type mean we put 2 seeds and put some soil on it now apply some cocopeat now watering in it seeds planted now keep it to germinate i will not keep it in refrigerator, i will grow it like normal seed Let’s see which way is successful Apart from these 2 methods, I will see the seeds which are still remaining in new ways And see what the way is successful If they were successful in some way So I will share that method with you.

At the moment I have told you two methods you also can try like this this method i mean poly bag method take long time may be it take 3 -4 months and this is normal method i will try another method too and i will share that method with so if you have japanese maple seeds then you can also grow .rainy season coming soon so rainy seson best for growing seeds i will tell you how to care it after germination after germinate your seeds then you can shift in a little big pot and keep in the semi shade like keep under big tree shade Where the sun comes but in such a hot sun take care of watering keep moisturising in the soil If one tree is grown here successful then Then we will have many seed Some friends say that maple will not grow here So I say that we should try the tries to do it.

Trying to get success can sometimes happen so i have some more seeds of maple and i will try these seeds with different methods look , we have many seeds more When I bought it was written there, it has different color seeds one light blue ,one red ,one yellow and one green color so So there were four colors shown when it grow then we can see the color ok friends m trying to germinate these seeds with new methods If a seed is germinated then I will show you the update ok friends see you in the next video till then goodbye

बोन्साई कब और कैसे शुरू करे /How to Start Bonsai Tree /Bonsai Tips -28th May 2017/ Mammal Bonsai

Friends, if you have not yet subscribed to the Mammal Bonsai Channel Then subscribe to the channel by pressing this red button And press this bell button so that when I upload a new video, you get the message Hello Friends , I am Vijay saini & welcome to Mammal Bonsai Friends, I have so many questions that when we start bonsai Can we start bonsai now? So today we will talk about the issue that when and how to make bonsai We can not put Bonsai in a pot like ordinary plant They have to fix the roots, soil has to be reduced. If you have a monsoon here, then you can start bonsai The temperature here is above 40 degrees The temperature yesterday was almost 43 So here it is so hot that it is not ok to do any work on Bonsai They just have to save from heat.

In the coming rainy season we will start making bonsai Who are going to start making bonsai for the first time It is a good option for them to make bonsai in the rain. You can make a bonsai by bringing the plant from the nursery and how to make it that we will tell in the next video. They have an option that the air layering in the rain is very fast We can prepare with cutting and Get ready with a nursery If you have a thick stem plant near you, then you can make it bonsai. So it would be better to make bonsai in the rain like this To make bonsai in such heat, when we put the plant in the second pot, its roots can be damaged and the plant may die. Because the plants which are already engaged in the pot, they are having trouble from heat As I showed you in a video that I took my plant down to save it from heat So it is not right to make bonsai in such a summer We have to wait a bit as soon as rain arrives, we will start making bonsai I will show you how we can make a bonsai How to Make Bonsai from air layering ,cuttings,nursery stock Let me tell you a bit about the plant in front of it so that you have a little idea about how you can make Not everyone has the wire to make bonsai, so I will make some bonsai without wire This method is called Clip and Grow Method That is, you should cut his branches from upward and give shape of your choice.

So we can make bonsai like this This is a Hibiscus plant that we prepared from the air layering in the previous rainy season. I did not do it on a thick branch just to tell you how to do air layering Let me show you a small recap of it that How did we air it and how to put it in a pot and how to cut it So let’s see the recap So this plant looks like this today But this is not just bonsai yet, it is a Normal plant we have to give a bonsai shape, then what we have to do Whenever you bring only the plant, to make the bonsai, first it is to select its front Bonsai is kept in such a way that when we see it in front, it seems like a big tree is kept.

So the front part of that tree is called Bonsai’s Front So we have to find a front in the plant If you find a front you will be able to work well on it for make bonsai So now we have to find the front in this plant So i show you Look, if we keep it like this then its look is not good its side branches Do not see and If we keep it like this So its shape looks a bit like Bonsai Although its trunk is not thicker from the bottom As soon as its trunk is thick, it will look like Bonsai I have put it in this pot for thick trunk If your plant is small then put it in a big pot or put it in the ground. Will be thicker in the ground The point to note in Bonsai is that the base of Bonsai should be thick Because those are old trees have a thicker base The upper roots of plants are seen in Bonsai, which are called Nebri So we have to show that roots When Bonsai will apply in pot There is a lot of effect from the base of this After that, how are its branches and what is the structure of the entire plant? These things are seen All these things show your Bonsai good I show a little closer This branch is looking at I show a little closer See what we have to do It is from the branch which is below No new buds will be seen in between The buds you see are grow later Because I had cut it off here otherwise First there was no buds So it is necessary to have budds in Branch So we have to keep prune it forward so that it keeps growing from the back so We remove from the top branch look that i will remove this new growth If there are two branches in one place then remove one like this look at this branch , its down side so we will remove it when its trunk will thicker then we get good shape now its canopy is looking heavy So we’ll prune it a little bit mean we will remove new buds Plant balance should be maintained these little branch should be remove But I will not remove it now Because there are only two branches from here in our plant, we need one more branch when this branch grow well then tree looks good so i don’t remove it now We can do the remove of the branch later Therefore, remove the branch carefully Can remove the branch later, but can not repeat the defected branch remove dry and yellow leaves It’s a part of the back part so it does not look so good As much as this looks better than that side looks good from this side There is a lot of work to do right now, it’s just the beginning.

We have to remove the branch in front of it. We have to grow the branches of its side remove upperside buds Do not let the tree grow more than you have to keep This will be that the new buds will be there in the Branches where the blank place I have sorted it a little bit i will tell you in detail step by step when raining season will come i will also buy many plants for making bonsai and then i will make videos that how to make bonsai and how we can select plants for bonsai there all things we will discuss this is my jade plant i have grow it from cutting if you have little plant like this then you can make bonsai them now we will grow it when will its branch grow long then we will prune them no need to wiring this plant when this branch will grow two more branch also grow from sides so like this the plant get a bonsai shape these little buds you can see i will remove it later and plant as cutting So this time, in the rainy season, you should start making bonsai if you have any query or want to show your plant pic so you can send on my facebook page or you can send query in messenger you can search my facebook as MammalBonsai1 mammalbonsai is my page on fb and mammalbonsai1 is my facebook so you can send me msg In this season we will bring bonsai informative Videos so Stay with our channel you can watch my other bonsai basic videos till then weather become cool So that you get a little bit of information and you’re easy to make bonsai I will give the links to those videos in the end so you can watch that videos ok friends see you in the next video till then goodbye Thanks

Bonsai Defoliation | Ficus Bonsai Defoliation | Bonsai Trees for Beginners //GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show you the bonsai defoliation this is a ficus bonsai tree cut the leaves using twig shear we can also use leaf cutter defoliation is one of the techniques mainly used to reduce the size of leaves and also stimulate growth and increase the number of leaves over time defoliation stimulates production of delicate new branchlets allowing twice the growth in a single growing season before defoliation ,be sure the tree is healthy If the tree is unhealthy to begin with, defoliating can kill it using the tools and methods for defoliation leaves and buds may sometimes be pinched off with the fingers but it is best to have a good pair of sharp pruning scissors keep shears clean by wiping them with antiseptic after complete defoliation, place the bonsai in partial sun and pour less water after defoliation because there are no leaves to nourish do not attempt to defoliate during the dormant seasons of spring and winter in summer trees are actively growing leaves after two weeks new buds will begin to appear after three weeks after five to six weeks in this time we can give enough water and nutrients to the bonsai tree thanks for watching