bird nest making at home

Hand Made Engineer Bird Nest Planter | Baya weaver Nest Planter | DIY Planter Idea//GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to show you the making of bird nest planter first i just take a clay pot and coir rope then folding the rope tying the folded rope in half of its top part with the thread next insert and tying the clay pot with the rope next here the bunch of coir fibers combine and tying the coir fibers together with rope next applying the Fevicol glue then add the coir fibers and paste the fiber with glue again i’m going to apply the Fevicol glue 24 hours later , nest planter is ready filling the coco peat into the pot then, i’m planting Bichetii Grass plant into this engineer nest planter we can also plant any low light indoor plants or hanging plants after planting, watering water to this planter twice a week, keep it or hang it in low light place or balcony garden or patio thanks for watching