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Bonsai – Silver Birch Betula bonsai trees Part 2 – by mikbonsai

So everyone this it will calm and clear i’m working on silver birch betula mommy bullseye i have two of these and the two videos part 1 and part 2 those of you who are new and visiting is hit the subscribe button and then take the mill and get the box and save that way you will receive notifications of all my ugg boots and you will not miss it hello everyone this victim count and just to recap and I first started in once I it goes with the school trees and my earlier vigils are me working with small trees and what I was doing with the trees and then i use covered big trees and lately all the videos have been about the victories and i thought it was time to go back to the little fellows and they feel bit neglected so of selected personal tree to work on today’s in the beech tree and it’s wired and we are in august now and it’s time to take my eyes off as the launch is Allah taken in the autumn and will end up with lots of wire mark so I’ll remove these wires quickly and it’s quite easy to take these them off this way as opposed to trying to cut them off if I was cut them off the specific if it was difficult at its time-consuming and so this is much faster way of a stack of me and you’ll repeat producers here under to the camera and again hold the wire this very similar to when you’re wiring it if you are going to take it off this way then hold the wiring is the wire that you trust don’t let the pouch take the stress of the removing you might even break them there we are yes that one and slightly mark the ranch but direction of dig is quite a thick thick wire and branch is quite thick so and this will also has been one mark slightly with its yep there’s a slight mark there it’s just as well I’m taking them off now ms cut into thee where the anchor was is cut in like badly I’ll have to try and sort that out and somehow try and get it to heal absolutely move a little bit of the bark and then if you look appeal in the to calais all just the last one no this couple more after this one here so hold the wire as you unravel the brown chalk and so that the pressure is being taken by a friend at the post of the branch and as the last one here it hasn’t improved so I’ll just prune it a little and tied it up and then the port needs a bit of a clean I’m not reporting it and there we are i’m going to start pruning it starting with big tallest branch first so cut it a lot here and generally i do from bottom up this is going downwards so this will have to come off to give it a clean line and this looks like if they’d just cut it back to them and these also will be reduced there and he in directional pruning and the direction is I want the drawers to go in the direction of a lease I’ve just got it drew out there and same thing with this long branch to reduce it to that the roaster start at gaunche and we will do here and this one dead branches remove not until it to their share I may have to rewire this it’s fighting with this but i’ll leave it till i leave this to another time it’s the wrong time so because i don’t want to remove this don’t you have to be wired and that may be why are going to separate them so that is a little will pull it back to here and this one the improved back to here and this one to hear nice now let it grow up thicken up a bit before we start cutting it back and up top but they’re so that’s all the pruning done for today and tidy up the pot remove these weeds and better of not required also we fear and pull them out with these tweezers and also use my hand to pull out the roots if I can we’ll just take these out lot of weeds here which we shouldn’t be here just take them out like want to retain the stones are quite nice I think well these little stones actually characters I’m gonna have to move them a little that is weeds out place cut them home today while we are here i’ll give it a quick turn we can have a look at the base of the trees have been cleaned of all moss and wings and we’ll try and give it a further clean around II don’t you know my views about moss getting up on the trunk and these surface roots there are few of these up here the screen goes up whether toothbrushes and Altos Russia mixed works why did not earn so no now tidy up the pot and can then go up back to its bench will resume in spea reads i’m just going to dress it up a little it looks pretty brown and uninteresting son just break it up with a little bit of this cat litter and have latched on to recently and then put the stones back and it was told that I took off I think that should really do yeah that makes it up nicely and the mall so go back and put these stones back just saw him around randomly that’s the plot none at least the top of the pot and the last thing to do is to clean the pot and you’re done for today after that unit quick time so you can see what the top of the mall now looks like this is a pop maybe pot gets a good clean I’ve got this damp cloth and I’m going to clean the pot removing any debris and watermarks and stuff like that and then dry it and finish off that polishing it that at of olive oil so I am going to add this piece of cloth with bit of olive oil can then use it to polish the pots of Vegas the olive oil coming onto the cloth here and just rather chance make sure that it’s all fully oiled if we start removing the excess oil okay now turn this loss round and then use that to polish it off last night and koala pat it’ll quickly use the olive oil that’s built onto the turntable lift the turntable a quick tidy up as well which is coming along quite nicely as you can see maybe up nice and shiny pop the tree back on well there to be habits that’s the front of you in a quick down and as we started just the front well that’s all the work I’m going to do on this little tree today and until next time is Victor Kahn formic online thanks for watching and watch more please subscribe thanks for watching part 1 part 2 for shortly stay tuned and for those of you while visiting please hit the subscribe button and then hit the now click the box and save that may you will not miss anything and you’ll receive notifications of all my uploads and now for the afterthought why do cows wear bells because the holes don’t work you eat

Nagasaki Crab Apple Bonsai Tree – Apple tree with buds, flowers and apples by mikbonsai

Hello everyone this is Iqbal Khan and today I’m going to share with you my Nagasaki crabapple tree you are looking at my Nagasaki crabapple tree it is in flower and I thought I’d share it with you not all the buds have opened but then if I wait for them to open and I get busy you could miss it so I thought I’d capture it now I will give it a quick quick turn it is a beautiful tree and it’s laden with apples. I will do another update when these flowers have turned into little apples and that’s the front this is a close-up of the flowers and will give it a turn and you can see them around the tree and that a close up of the one of the branches on the right of the tree tree Three months on from flowers to fruit the tree is now Laden that apples and I will zoom around the tree so you can see the extent of the apples and this is the left side of the tree, will gradually zoom out you can see how many apples there are and that’s the whole tree I’ll give the tree a quick turn, a full 360 and you can then see it from all directions and that is my front , that is where we started There we go as we have seen the tree is loaded with apples and a few suggestions floating around one is from a friend of mine Mani Patel if I would consider making cider and another is from Greg Hunter should I be making crab apple jelly we’ll see thanks for watching to watch more please subscribe and now for the afterthought The wife sends a text message to the husband on a on is really cold winter’s morning “the windows are totally frozen will not open” the husband replies “Gently pour warm water over it and tap the edges with your hand if that doesn’t work then gently with a hammer Fifteen minutes later the wife texts back oh no I think the laptop is completely gone you dig !

Bonsai – Nursery Plants to Persimmon bonsai Trees Part 2 by mikbonsai

Hello everyone candid very warm welcome to you all Platinum viewers and in this video I’m working off the second of my personal trees these are unusual trees which are being made into one size and in this video you will see second of the trees being reported that if you’re new here please subscribe and if you already subscribed then hit the bell and take the box and save that way you will receive notifications of all my uploads in my live streams of entries compromised and decided to go half way and just make it very clean cut removing these very thick roots as you can see and so the top bit I’m not going to touch this just try to clean up and this route well as much as I can and not remove any more roots from here and otherwise it will probably be overdoing it I’m just going to take as much of the soil as possible oh and also this root is a little bit hurry up and apart from that I think that’s the only one that I will remove or I have removed and tell them that is just cleaning up for history I have chosen this blue part is a deep pot and I have already placed horticultural grade great at the bottom and I’m going to top it up with cat litter this is no dust premier great there’s a little bit of dust and during watering it does come out I’m going to sort out a hole where to get the wiring and not damage the future surface roots as they can get one mark quite easily separately through sound listeners tighten this wire slightly and then continue with the three parting putting more silent or some planting the tree it is like tangled as it’s bending in one direction so to give it a more balanced feed I feel also to have it gives a nice movement to the trunk by planting it at an angle so just on that just adjusted the angle of the planting we just drive the soil between the roots and some of them are jumping out so I’ve got to try and drive them back into the soil here’s my chopsticks I don’t remove anymore I’ve removed quite a lot so this is why I’m trying to preserve as much of the roots as possible and not remove anymore the reporting is complete and I’ll just tidy up some of these dead branches and you remove some of these parties at the top yes reduce the ground it’s difficult to form so well or very gently with the top and I think that should do for today and has very nice movement on the trunk and I’ve also planted it at an angle it was dead straight and sort of leaning towards the right and I’ve replanted it of straightening it up and it leans to the left as far as it goes up it so straightens up and just clean up a little bit more here and here and also this that Beauchamp this is dead yeah that’s dead yes that’s well might as well come off this is dead get that off remove the stumps another time right I think that really is it as far as working on this persimmon tree those and hopefully it will be happier in this part there’s a lot more room for the roots to grow and gradually I haven’t done that on this occasion every time I reported three I like to pull it up above the surface level about anything between 1/2 and 1/2 centimeters we expose the surface roots and on this occasion I haven’t done that it has come out of it’s very tiny plastic part it was completely rootbound very badly we found and so we will do that at the next report and there are some nice thick surface roots potential surface roots which will be a we will be able to see when I next report it and pull it out of the soil I’ll give it a quick soaking well this is it after reporting and give it a quick turn that’s the back of the tree and I’ve decided that this is going to be the front because that’s where the interesting roots are going to be also the the way it goes into the soil at this stage is nicer than me all the other sides and it leans back and then comes back forward again and also I like the darker blackish trunk on it there’s all the work on this persimmon treat for today and it will be kept in complete shade like the other one for at least three weeks and then it’ll take his place on the benches where it’s been for the last few years that’s all the work for today on this persimmon tree there will be further updates on this tree and also new videos uploaded regularly well that was the second person to come and if you’re new and visiting there please subscribe and if you’re already subscribed then help them out take the box and save that way you will receive notifications of all my uploads and now for the after third there were two horses in the field and one knocked out the other one and said I am so hungry I could eat a horse the second horse knocks happy husband with a worried expression on his face and replies ooh you take

Bonsai trees – Private Bonsai Tree Collection – bonsai tree collection for sale by mikbonsai

Good morning everyone today I want to share with you something unusual taken an hour and 40 minutes to get here I had arrived and be very pleased that I have just purchased in the process of purchasing not this one and it is a cascade and this one is excluded this one is in three date so this IV I can is quite keep the tiny options can fit very well and there is this juniper on a little slab and again it looks like a peacock in a very shallow pot this looks like another key collie versus glad effects of talks and this one is a tanuki again we please it can look like pika and next week as the ginkgo tree has a nice convince next is a group of four gold Edwards locks if you don’t graduate with a cypress area and then we have a couple of and what looks like an April and another maple and another one red put these up to it with gingko trees and there is shallow at last one is quietly chose the cloud mounting style doing redwood I have just elected the trees felled this group of all red or three tool to go in the back is called all the flows in the front this is the boot of the car and entry is very very busy I’ve noted all the tree month and this is the view from the rear of the car and all the trees are loaded up and I should be added back well there’s one of the smaller in comparison issues I’ll just go back and I’ve unloaded the trees and this is a maple me to the work and there is a prune that I will turn it before I put it away just the setting of the maples this one is a tika tonu key style paprika after that point and SS laboratories this is another peak hourly slab and the three trees in this group he could have sought out not of dead needles in the of our moss and also these are all too thick the pontiff need to be turned out of it but that’s for another day this is another group of to pick out trees in shallow pot little bit again needs work so this is usually what happens in collections are acquired they usually neglected and we work juniper or sort in a shallow pot this guy has majority of the trees in shadow box a Juniper really quick turn and there we are SP start we have another stringy put on a slab and this also needs a good sort out but they have given it a quick turn so as you can see what it looks like right next up is a mover pine nice tree wrong pot even another turn and that’s where we are as I spotted I think this is another Mughal pine and quick turn and flaps will be started Cyprus Jenica get a quick turn and as we started and this here is a gingko tree and a really great dad Carranza we started it’s a nice tree but wrong pot there’s always something that eats sorting but these two tiny little gingko trees in pretty stone their pots and I suspect these are cuttings which are interpolated next up is this wine and a music turn same amount of work has gone in to create what it is and I can see how the wine has been molded into the shape that you’re looking at I’ve cleaned it up it was a bit rough I had given the quick tool it is fairly straightforward and also we started you get the next tree the next we have a dawn redwood now give it a quick turn it’s too heavy at the top the bond structure having exalted with too many branches and they would sort out thinning out the branches and of course wrong pot next up is was this fairly substantial dawn redwood and it is slanting style the trunk is quite thick as you can see my hand is behind it and get a quick turn again at the top is basically a bush by putting a tree in a pot it doesn’t become a bonsai there’s a lot more to it after the tree has been put in the pot next up is this group planting of four trees these are doing red buds now unit Victor and if not that again the branches need a little bit of a sort out one apart from that we as it was just are getting a little bit too tall so it may need chopping at the top to reduce the height that’s all for now thanks for watching and if you haven’t subscribed smash that subscribe button and then hit the down to receive notifications of future uploads and now for the afterthought how does the penguin well the house it gives it together you dig and now for the afterthought that’s a plane go no the plane is not the afterthought you