Turn Apple Seeds Into A Tree

Hey guys it’s good to see you again I’m back today with the fun and simple little experiments that you can try at home the only materials are going to need for this project are an apple a knife a ziplock bag and some paper towel now for this project today I thought it’d be fun to see if we could actually sprout an apple seed now when you were a kid there’s a good chance your parents told you not to eat apple seeds or swallow watermelon seed because it would sprout a tree in your stomach but that’s not necessarily true because there’s quite a process to getting a seed to sprout and that is the purpose of this experiment today now to get started we need to extract the seeds from our Apple and so you could just eat it and pull the seeds out as you do or you could grab a knife and cut very carefully at a 45 degree angle to the center okay so once you’ve got your seeds separated from the apples go ahead and grab one sheet of paper towel and something like this little water mixture all we’re going to do is take our paper towel we’re going to fold it in half lengthwise and set it down the counter we’re going to use our little mixture to give it five to six sprays on one side then flip it over and give it five to six shots on the other side the goal is we want to get this things damp but we don’t want it to be wet all right with our paper towel moistened we can go ahead and take a few of our apple seeds and place them down into a line somewhere in the top half area the only thing left to do after that is to fold the paper towel in half over top of the seeds place it into the ziplock bag and seal it tight so there we have a guys just like that we now have five of our apple seeds tucked away inside with moist paper towel and locked into the block bag by the way it’s not a bad idea to mark the date under the bag so you know when the three weeks is up the only thing left to do now is to tuck this away deep into the back of our fridge and completely forget about it for the next three weeks now it’s just magic of editing we fast forward into the future three weeks with a simple clap of our hand boom here we are three weeks later let’s go check our result all right I’m actually really curious to see what we got here this bag has done nothing but sit in that fridge for three weeks in the dark completely in neglect didn’t the first thing I notice is the paper towel is actually still quite moist still quite down which would make sense because it was in a sealed ziplock bag all right let’s peel back the top layer until we’ve got oh my goodness look at that our seeds have actually sprouted some more than others these two over here seem to have taken off quite vigorously and viciously and these two over here you can see little sprouts and this one’s got a little blood coming out there as well all five of our seeds was sprouted which i think is pretty cool and now if we wanted to we could move these things to a seed starter to help them establish some roots and begin budding into a tree and if we wanted to we could actually grow them into apple trees which is kind of mind-blowing but I have to crush your expectation even if you put years and years of effort into growing your own apple tree the chances of your apples tasting like the one you grew this from are very very slim the reason is because in our industry today most of the apples are grafted onto existing root structures so even though you use the seeds from an apple you like the apples you grow from it will taste completely different so there you have it guys now you know how to take the seeds right out of the apples you’re eating stick them in the fridge for a few weeks and grow an apple tree right in your own backyard thanks for joining me for this experiment I’ll be looking for the next one talk to you then so though but now you know what the paper towels for hey guys thanks for watching and remember I’m giving away prizes now on every new video all you have to do to qualify is subscribed to my channel ring the bell and select to be notified when my next videos get released the secret link to my giveaways will be pinned in the comments for the first 12 hours if you like what I’m doing show your support right now by giving this video a big thumbs up and share with a friend I love you back I’ll see you next time

Collecting for Bonsai: Dogwood 2016 – Larry’s Place 2

In February, I had the pleasure of scouting trees at my friend Larry’s house. By April the hawthorns were nearly dead Upon further inspection, I found they had a severe infestation of wooly apple aphids, which had destroyed most of their root system. You can see the many galls at the base of this one It’s not wise to remove weak and unhealthy trees, as their survival rate is very low thankfully I had a back-up plan.

On our walk, Larry has spotted a very nice dogwood, one of my favorite trees. With its beautiful bark and spring flowers, I was excited to add one to my collection. Clear the area of debris, then remove the limbs and parts of the trunk you won’t be using, while leaving enough room for potential dieback. Leave any of the fine detail work for later. Next dig a trench around the tree. I give a space of five to six times wider than the base of the tree is in diameter. Don’t hack through the thick roots with the shovel. Leave them for assault fruit Leave them for a saw or pruners. After the first cut, I move outward, and I remove the chunks of earth.

This gap will allow me enough room to cut and pry without disturbing too much of the root ball. I didn’t have any large lateral roots to prune, so I start making undercuts with the shovel. This was a very rare moment when no additional work was needed the entire root ball came right out! Lastly fill in the hole & get your tree home. I start clearing soil away from the base to get an idea of the root system. This dogwood has a cluster of trunks, only one of which i’m going to keep. The visible root structure (or nebari) can affect the direction your tree will be displayed, which also affects which trunk will have the most interest from that point of view take your time with your Take your time with your cuts.

Forcing a cut may cause unwanted damage to other parts of the tree. This trunk was damaged years ago, so I will hollow it out in the future. This last trunk was growing very close to the main one, so I decided to finish off the job with branch cutters. Finally, I whittle down the stubs and make clean cuts. I will smooth the transition more in the future to give character and taper to the tree. A clean cut heals faster than a rough cut. Scrub any moss and debris away with a wire brush. This top section is being removed for scale & taper. A new leader will create the top in the future. Bare rooting is a simple job.

Use a chopstick to clear debris from the roots. This soil is mostly solid clay, which may account for its tight root ball. Trim large roots cleanly with pruners, cutters, or a sharp saw. Smooth any ragged cuts for better healing, and leave as many fine roots as you can. This mica pot has been prepared with wire and screen. Add a fine layer of soil, and arrange the tree. Secure with wires and tighten with pliers. Add coarse well-draining soil, and work in using a chopstick, filling all the crevices. I had one troublesome root that needed to be wired down. Thankfully, mica pots are easily drilled. Finish it all off with the last bit of soil and tamp the sides to settle everything down. The wires underneath the pot can be given a twist to tighten everything securely. Soak your tree thoroughly and let rest in a protected area for a few days. Then, water as needed. The tree only needs to remain damp, not wet.

In four to six weeks, you should see new buds forming. And in two & a half months, you should have good growth like this. If you’ve enjoyed this video, share it with your friends. Like and subscribe, because there’s more to come. Thanks for watching! .

Annoying Orange – Wazzup 3: Bonsai Tree

-Pear-p-p-pear, p-pear, p-p-pear Pear-pp-pear, p-pear, p-p-pear -Would you please stop it? -Oh come on, Pear, let’s do a duet. -Please stop singing. -Aw, you’re just jealous ’cause you don’t have my awesome vocal skills, right Midget Apple? -For the last time, it’s Little Apple. -Are we still arguing about that? -Parteh! -So this is where the party’s at? Nice. -Whoa, what are you guys? -We’re the Party Platter. -Yeah, we bring the party. -Party! -Party? -Party. -Party? -Party. -Party? -Parteh! -eh! -eh! -eh! -eh! -eh! -Party. -Parteh. -Hey, don’t start the party yet. -What the? -Hey guys. You didn’t start the party without me, did you? – -Whoa-whoa-whoa, what’s all the screaming about? -The kitchen’s being invaded by mutant broccoli. -Hah, I’m not a broccoli. -Huh? -Yeah, I’m a bonsai tree. -Bonsai? -Bonsai. -Bonsai? -Yeah. -Bonsai? -Bonsai! -Bonsai! Bonsai. -Bonsai! -Bonsai! -ai! -ai! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -Bonsai! -Wait-wait-wait-wait, guys stop. I think I’m gonna sneeze. Ah-ah-ah -Bless you. -Thanks. Bansai! -ai! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -ah! -Bbbbbonsai! -ai! -ah! -eh! -ah! -Whoa. Those guys really did bring the party.

-Hey, who cut the cheese? – Good one, bonsai tree. -No seriously, who cut the cheese? Captioned by SpongeSebastian .