How To Create A Bonsai Tree – The Transformation

The first thing to do is to study the tree and take your time. Really look at the structure. This way of thinking will greatly increase the potential and the results of this future bonsai tree. Remove excess soil so you can see where the root surface is ending and the main trunk is beginning. Now it’s time to remove all dead branches and foliage so we can open up the structure even more. Next step will be to select branches.

And you should always go for the branches that are strong vigorous and growing from the best position and at the best angle. Remove the weak and juvenile foliage. Work your way from the bottom to the top. Now it’s time to wire the tree. And we do this because we want a tree that we can shape. Wire the main trunk first. Not too hard and not too loose. When you are applying the wire, use it as a lever. Apply pressure and tension with one hand holding the wire in place while coiling around the main trunk with the other hand. Use one piece of wire for two branches or more if possible.

That gives you stability and anchoring. And it also saves you a lot of wire. Styling and shaping your tree is one of the last parts in the whole design process. This gives us the satisfaction of having the tree exactly as we would imagine. Something that is hard to achieve but can be done with experience and practice So, while bending a bonsai branch it’s important to know that you need to keep pressure and hold tension with your thumbs on the wire and not the branch itself. Because then it might break.

As you can see.. this tree has a lot of feeder roots to work with when Spring comes around the corner. But until then I’m going to let it have it’s Winter’s sleep. This is Johan, and you have been watching “Bonsai Talk.” .

How To Grow Bonsai Trees From Seed – Subtitles Available

Hello, my name is Vinny and today’s story is about how this tiny seed changed into a bonsai tree in just 2 years. this tree is known as white lead tree in English and in India it is called as Su-babul in Hindi. it is an extremely fast growing tree and in many countries it is banned because it is considered as a weed. this tree was born in the pot, in pure garden soil and has survived the peak of my ignorance because I got started in bonsai at that time, around 2 years back. so let me show you some close-ups first and then I’ll tell you more about this this tree was almost 8 feet tall when i first cut it off, so it was chopped off at this height and now the wound has kind of healed nicely I have never wired this tree. I have always pruned it and kept it short and instead of wiring, what I have done actually is preferring to keep these branches downward facing, using twine and this twine has hooks like this, so these metal hooks, they pull the branch down and are inserted or pushed into one of the side holes.

So depending on how much tension I want, I can keep varying the position of the holes. so I kind of like it, the way it has come out now. of course, I will need to do some wiring also but for the time being the main branches are all held down in position with this. i somehow … personally, i don’t like wiring much. I have seen what good it can do but I have a slight aversion to it and besides, good quality wire, Aluminium wire is expensive. so there is a shortage of wire in my collection. so wherever I can get away with this kind of technique I do that but where wire is absolutely essential I do get into that. so this is mainly clip & grow technique and in one of the videos I saw Nigel Saunder’s of the Bonsai Zone explained that most of the amateur people what they’re doing is clip and clip. they are not allowing the plant to grow.

so this was a mistake which I was doing and I then corrected myself. so I clip and let it grow, then again clip, again let it grow because having read the styling techniques I was saying okay this branch is wrong or there are two at the same point and I would immediately go and prune it. so, as a result what happens is the plant is never allowed to grow, it’s always fighting this pruning disease. you have got to let the plant grow wild then clip, again let it grow wild then clip again. so that’s how it’s supposed to go. i was very naive. in part 2 of this video I’ll be covering the following things – .

91ème Kokufu Bonsai Ten (2017) 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇯🇵 🌲🌸 (1/2)

Hello YouTube is Monsieur Bonsai! Welcome to the 91th variation of Kokufu Bonsai Ten. This exhibition takes place every 12 months the Tokyo Metropolitan art Museum in February it hosts a choice of the best bonsai from Japan. Given that 1934, this distinctive moment is an opportunity come admire exceptional bushes. Separated into 2 components, you’re going to to find in this video from my private decision within the 180 bonsais offered from four to eight February 2017. The 2nd a part of the occasion is held from 10 to thirteen February and can be an opportunity for a second video. Every 12 months, a jury awards prizes to chosen few. The "worthy Award" rewards a tree which is pricey to the heritage in sort, its essence or its history. The "Kokufu Award" is the choice of jury for this year. And the "distinctive Award" honors a bonsai … Targeted! Of direction there are numerous, many Juniperus Chinensis in the selection i have deliberately chosen to present other species at the rate of those timber which might be beautiful but are very well represented in other places.<br><br>We reach 1/2 of the exhibition. Mr. Jiro Fukuda, Chairman of the japanese organization of bonsai, did me the honour of answer some questions "can you tell us in just a few words about the exhibition? " I believe that the level at Kokufu Bonsai Ten is always very high however, this yr it’s principally excessive I think that the Kokufu ten is among the rare exhibition where we’ve got a contest, awards and a jury identifying bushes throughout this 91th variation, we acquired 390 applicants and we needed to disqualify 38 of them. This is why you have right here the first-rate of the first-rate each year there are a enormous number of bonsai exhibition in Japan , but I consider that Kokufu-Ten is truly individual : thanks ! There are quite a lot of bonsai amateurs on the earth, do you might have a message for them ? Continue to like and do bonsai! One character can speak about bonsai and unfold the phrase to buddies, household, and even to only a different character. I believe it is a formidable hobby, please revel in and spread it into the world! At the corner of the exhibition I met grasp Suzuki who talks in regards to the the event and the tree he labored.<br><br>in these days at the 91th Kokufu Ten, there are more than 300 bonsais exposed for their total high-quality: measurement, pot, influence. This yr, this Chaenomeles Japonica used to be awarded with the "Kokufu Award" How is it composed? It is been worked out in the course of a hundred years, and placed in this ultimate pot. It stands on a desk which is a masterpiece through Adachi Shozan. So total it’s fantastic ! "What made you start Bonsai?" My father used to be very fascinated about Bonsai and i grew up in a good environment which used to be good to observe this artwork. Then in an effort to specialize myself, I went at 18 right into a coaching, during 6 years. It grew to become my job. Do you could have a message to all bonsai passionate folks around the world? Bonsai are developping in a pot, they usually want water. But that’s not all. If you do not communicate to them, they die.<br><br>Bonsais want affection and a high-quality environment. Whilst you handle your bonsai, it must aid you to calm down and become calmer. In a better position as a way to all of you, please proceed to Bonsai! The top of the exhibition offers smaller trees As we have noticeable in my previous video on the Shohin Exhibition the primary a part of this 91th edition comes to a close with close to one hundred eighty bonsais I thank exceptionally the japanese Bonsai association which authorized me to take these pix and videos I invite you to accumulate the exhibition book which has all of the professional pictures of this version. I hope you enjoyed this selection. Suppose free to love the video, share and subscribe to my channel to not leave out the following one! The following video of the 2d part of Kokufu Bonsai Ten will arrive subsequent week.<br><br>thank you and à bientôt ! .