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Bonsai – Nursery Plants to Persimmon bonsai Trees Part 1 by mikbonsai

Hello every one, In this video and the next two videos I’m going to be sharing with you some of my persimmon trees, these trees are natives of China and Japan and a variety of the Japanese persimmon is grown on the sharon planes of Israel and the fruits from Israel are exported here to the UK and some of you may know these fruits as sharon fruits a little orange in color and with a stork is has still green bits stuck to the fruit and that is the tree or trees that I will be discussing in this and two following Videos. My name is Iqbal Khan of mikbonsai and if you are new here please hit the subscribe button and if you’re already subscribed then hit the bell, tick the box and save that way you will receive notifications of my life streams events and also notifications of my new videos as they are uploaded and you will not miss any thing Hello every one, this is Iqbal Khan and today I am going to be working on persimmon trees these trees got my attention during my travels within China over the last few years and I did bring seeds back from China I bought the fruit, ate the fruit and brought the seeds back with me but unfortunately it didn’t work they then germinate not quite sure what went wrong but it just didn’t happen and I have been searching for these trees for quite some time and about two and half, three years ago I found half a dozen of these saplings in a nursery and I bought all six and they have been sitting on the benches in between all the bonsai trees, a little bit neglected here’s one of them and they have really outgrown the sapling pot that they were in and I just realised that it’s about time I should repot them and that’s what I’m going to do this is the first one so will firstly take these out of the pot , it’s quite stuck have to ease it out uses to ease it out, use this to ease it out I am pretty certain it will be very badly root bound, as I said.

I got them in these pots and they were really tiny break the pot that’s the only way ah here we are, so having got it out I am going to remove the weeds first and then try to have a go at the rest of it this is quite nasty I don’t want to keep to regrow and find and take the root out that is proving difficult we’ll make a start remove the soil from from the upper parts. I will remove the soil from the top first and and then work my way to the side in the bottom it is very much root bound and at the bottom the roots have just all round and round, i’ll probably have to cut it out there’s no way I am going to be able to combe these out and even if I do, its getting there but there’s no way these roots will be retained they are too long and too far away from the tree and also not much by way of feeder roots, the feeder roots are here the white ones at the top, so I will probably chop these off but firstly will try and comb them out, roots have just gone round and round Lesson learnt even for saplings they need to be repoted fairly regularly I am hoping that these trees will mature and bear fruit the actual fruit That’s really cute to see the tree with fruit and no leaves just large persimmon fruit and no leaves that’s how I saw the big trees in China There is a very big root here, there’s two they are not doing anything so I’m trying to remove them These re the thick roots I was referring to they are not doing anything so out they come Its quite chunky, it’s not coming off as tangled up with something else so I have to try and free it up tangled up with some more roots here I did not want to do so much, but the roots are so thick and it makes sense to deal with it now as opposed to leave it and come back to it another day I will try and use the secateurs on this That will have to do and I just hope I haven’t removed too much and that it will be able to get by on what’s left here i am going to tidy up and will catch shortly i have chosen this unusual pot I have prepared it, wired it the wire meshe is in, the drainage holes are covered and that’s he pot that I have chosen for the first tree and I am going to put horticulture grit at the bottom quiet a lot of it, it’s quite a large pot I’m going to cover it up at least the bottom third with horticultural grit the strange shaped pot but I quite like it.

It is quirky and that is the only way I can describe it and as this is an unusual tree it will probably go well with it and it’s large enough for it to be in this pot next couple of years, possibly more I am trying to wire it so that it doesn’t cut into the surface roots which will become surface roots at some stage Right, that will do for now and will come back and tighten these up later provides the soil under the flip can now quickly boom it a bit these are very low so these will have to come off imagine at the base of the tree so we can’t have and then tell if a train trunk contest of growing at each other so then I have to remove these inbred facing grounds and I said it better and the rest of it I’m going to leave it I’ve done enough for today perhaps shorten yaad punch this is a bag pouch from before and also there’s no it’s not quite the admitted it was chopped off before the original trunk and lasting using duck compulsive this is growing in words but that would have to come off same thing applies that these are very low remove that can stay for now I’m going to remove this one I was interfering with other projects and also short on this one and that’s it for today I’ll give it a quick down and then we’ll give it a good soak trust me first of my persimmon trees report it and I’ve just noticed something this little piece is not doing anything I have removed some of it but there’s a little bit more that can be removed so we’ll do that now because this part here dispatcher as I look at it employing male dancers which shouldn’t be that different should will be here don’t if you can see it the same here this tiny one is going in between just like a Zen going toenail going in between these two let’s remove now crossing over to the Little Miss coach get on chat and we’ll remove this that should do for now and i think i will start wiring it up it does need it needs to be wired and i need to start styling it as the branches are now starting to get thicker than what they were when this little tree or the sapling it’s still not quite a treat but i got beyond the saplings page so give it a powerful now i’m going to use a little watering cans for this just fair amount of soiling i will take again federal torture and also keep watering it’s running clear there’s also bringing out with it any dust there was there also slowed out there is some dust and watering thoroughly get rid of it that should do for now and then as you can see the waters running from the bottoms are thoroughly soaked in this case heavy so I will now put it away and let it recover I will be keeping this tree in complete shade for the next three weeks and there will be put back in its regular place on the benches and i’ll be working on more persimmon trees and reporting them thanks for watching watch more please subscribe this is equal con for the front line in grass london so that was the first of the persimmon trees you’re quite unusual i haven’t seen it once I person in here in the West or in a UK and house decided to draw them and there are two more videos to follow thank you for watching and if you are new here and please subscribe and if you have already subscribed and please get develop and tick the box and see if that will receive notifications of all future uploads and now the afterthought where is the best place to go to learn and how to make ice cream sundae school you dig

Bonsai trees – Private Bonsai Tree Collection – bonsai tree collection for sale by mikbonsai

Good morning everyone today I want to share with you something unusual taken an hour and 40 minutes to get here I had arrived and be very pleased that I have just purchased in the process of purchasing not this one and it is a cascade and this one is excluded this one is in three date so this IV I can is quite keep the tiny options can fit very well and there is this juniper on a little slab and again it looks like a peacock in a very shallow pot this looks like another key collie versus glad effects of talks and this one is a tanuki again we please it can look like pika and next week as the ginkgo tree has a nice convince next is a group of four gold Edwards locks if you don’t graduate with a cypress area and then we have a couple of and what looks like an April and another maple and another one red put these up to it with gingko trees and there is shallow at last one is quietly chose the cloud mounting style doing redwood I have just elected the trees felled this group of all red or three tool to go in the back is called all the flows in the front this is the boot of the car and entry is very very busy I’ve noted all the tree month and this is the view from the rear of the car and all the trees are loaded up and I should be added back well there’s one of the smaller in comparison issues I’ll just go back and I’ve unloaded the trees and this is a maple me to the work and there is a prune that I will turn it before I put it away just the setting of the maples this one is a tika tonu key style paprika after that point and SS laboratories this is another peak hourly slab and the three trees in this group he could have sought out not of dead needles in the of our moss and also these are all too thick the pontiff need to be turned out of it but that’s for another day this is another group of to pick out trees in shallow pot little bit again needs work so this is usually what happens in collections are acquired they usually neglected and we work juniper or sort in a shallow pot this guy has majority of the trees in shadow box a Juniper really quick turn and there we are SP start we have another stringy put on a slab and this also needs a good sort out but they have given it a quick turn so as you can see what it looks like right next up is a mover pine nice tree wrong pot even another turn and that’s where we are as I spotted I think this is another Mughal pine and quick turn and flaps will be started Cyprus Jenica get a quick turn and as we started and this here is a gingko tree and a really great dad Carranza we started it’s a nice tree but wrong pot there’s always something that eats sorting but these two tiny little gingko trees in pretty stone their pots and I suspect these are cuttings which are interpolated next up is this wine and a music turn same amount of work has gone in to create what it is and I can see how the wine has been molded into the shape that you’re looking at I’ve cleaned it up it was a bit rough I had given the quick tool it is fairly straightforward and also we started you get the next tree the next we have a dawn redwood now give it a quick turn it’s too heavy at the top the bond structure having exalted with too many branches and they would sort out thinning out the branches and of course wrong pot next up is was this fairly substantial dawn redwood and it is slanting style the trunk is quite thick as you can see my hand is behind it and get a quick turn again at the top is basically a bush by putting a tree in a pot it doesn’t become a bonsai there’s a lot more to it after the tree has been put in the pot next up is this group planting of four trees these are doing red buds now unit Victor and if not that again the branches need a little bit of a sort out one apart from that we as it was just are getting a little bit too tall so it may need chopping at the top to reduce the height that’s all for now thanks for watching and if you haven’t subscribed smash that subscribe button and then hit the down to receive notifications of future uploads and now for the afterthought how does the penguin well the house it gives it together you dig and now for the afterthought that’s a plane go no the plane is not the afterthought you