Styling bonsai tree from yamadori Lonicera collected raw material – Tree 2 – Part 4 by mikbonsai

I’m going to wire them so that these two branches like this one will move up a bit and this will move down a bit so that they become one great big pad both these branches have been widened I’m going to lower this one and raise this one lower this one slightly and we do it again by bending the wire using strength of the wire to bend it and this one’s being wrote up so they basically are looking starting to look more of a pad as opposed to being at different levels and these again and we reduced but this one I’m going to leave as is this one I think I will wire this up these two up and this one I’m going to do choir up and move it a little bit towards the camera and this one also would wire it and bring it down so the crown is more pronounced so now we will continue with this wire and this unwinding in the anti-clockwise direction and sticking very close to the branch and at a 45 degree just wire it avoiding the foliage and round it goes moving the father’s out of the way now working with the wire that of the brows that have just been wired I’m just going to bend it very very gently using the strength of the wire and then I’m gonna straighten it up from this end is starting to point downwards which I don’t want no salt quite I’m not sure dude I’ve already started wiring this branch and we continue in a clockwise direction and as it’s going to be bent in the clockwise direction so again avoiding any foliage – just wouldn’t work some of these branches are quite good and I want to retain those so except it was out of the way so positioning this where there wasn’t a pad before and so that’s that’s done that’s right nicely positioned and just shooting a few more of the branches as they are little bit too longer and we’ll see if I can do something with this one to lower this just a few centimetres perhaps an inch or so and we’ll Y trying to wire this as well now continuing to wire this pad just moving away the foliage and the branches very congested here have to use tweezers to get them out of the way some of the branches are very very fine that’ll do bend it towards the camera downwards and towards the camera so do it very very gently it’s a very thick branch and this is two things one is down and then one is towards the camera now I want to do it very very gently as they break very very brittle and they break very very easily right there we have it I’m gonna shorten this as and now shorten these branches as as bad is about this pad the lower pad is much bigger so the upper part has got to be slightly shorter and in fact we will do the same with the pads higher up so I’m going to cut this wire back to mark here and reduce this so removing paw the white partially as this part is too is too long so you’re going to reduce it to about there so reduce that to up there it was much longer and and see lots of these paths I’m going to reduce now that it’s starting to take shape this is the time to do a bit of tidy up not too sure about this branch here but we’ll leave it for now it can always be removed later because this looks quite neat and tidy and then there’s this one or a sound so I’d me I’m tempted to remove this this branch we will take it out now and it’s done then I think it looks better without that launch and this is a potential this is also a potential front and so this interesting bit here the double trunk and then fusing up here and I have removed a very big branch from here earlier that was when I first worked on it give me a quick turn and that’s the button of our front as well I will continue to grow it in this pot for a while this is a foliage that we’ve taken off today quite a lot just reveal the bonsai that was hiding unrolled all that voltage I have done fair amount and I’m pleased with the progress that I have made with this tree the this was a leader previously which I have managed to wire and turn into a small pot and this one may be the new leader basically it is no growing is thinner and also there’s a fair amount of growth up here and it’ll be far easier to form a crown with this as well and with that just finish giving it a quick turn and that’s very storage although that could be the front but on this side there’s a big contract removed a very big drought when I first started but we’ll see how it develops that’s all for now thank you watching watch more please subscribe the second account forming bonsai in Westland