Nursery plant to Fuji Cherry Bonsai Tree; KOJO-NO-MAI make instant bonsai tree -Part 2 | mikbonsai

Hello the spectral card of a petiole a very warm welcome to my bonsai channel a particularly warm welcome to my regular viewers and subscribers and if you haven’t subscribed yet I suggest you hit that subscribe button below and subscribe now and also click on the del and kick the box so that you get notifications of all my future uploads today I have got a real treat for you within the second part of the how you can make a bonsai free from energy stalk at home and I have been working on this huge charity cut off their cover and bury it in going inside you I’m now going to remove some of these other dead branches also it looks like the tree was facing that way and all the Roses on this side so I’ll have to wire some branches and spread them out a bit to improve the placement of the branches let’s all clean up these dead tranches a little stamps little bit broken Tom share the top where the moves that it looks like that this was the on the trunk divided into two here and then if you are beginning to do up here and have to make a decision as to let’s remove one of the more retain them I’ll just clean up the dead branches first and we’ll have a look at drunk dividing into three and just looking more like a bush now as opposed to a bonsai so I’ve decided to remove this little branch so we will do that now what area opens via tree up quite the therapy and now I can continue with the tuning of the Ganges and also that point is here at the top these are a couple I’ve been working with the top and start thinning out and reducing the launches will continue at that some older projects and now we have a new leader this is this relatively new leader remove all these others plant and shorten them aha that’s interesting we have another list plaintiff has 14 – – and I’m going to retain that fork the top just remove this drawer that is crossing over and perhaps reduce yes here and also reduce these branches of going south but probably why are these and then yeah why this down and also perhaps maybe while one of the targets in this side still and that don’t even say like it seeing as I move the Protestant one side so there take those out I have wired up a few branches and will now provision them and hopefully that should be it for today a little bit of movement in this launch and can you cut back to lock there in a son can go up a little bit too low and this one can be shortened that welcome there that can be shortened to there and also shortly and at law or shorten this top up there and reduce that ah clean up this cut it takes out by reducing it it will help remove the tape up that should do for now and I will let down so came using a fine mist spray to totally rocked Italy and then after it’ll be placed in a complete shade for the next three weeks I was quite funny and hot it needs protection from the Sun as powerful now folks thank you very much for watching and watch more please subscribe this little con sonic bonsai in London my wife told me to stop impersonating a flamingo I had to put my foot down so now that’s position where for you and if you are visiting and you haven’t subscribed now’s the time to six dots hit the subscribe button below and also click on the bell get the box to ensure that you to see all future notifications of my uploads and also reproduce humor at the painting