HIBISCUS BONSAI Step-1, Grow in Just Three years from Cuttings, Be the Creator, Nov.18

Within coming three years ….. do you want to be a creator of a bonsai like this? Then watch this video tutorial ….. Obviously till the end. Easiest Way to make Hibiscus Bonsai, …. Today I’m going to share with you. Namastey This is Samar … welcomes you to Be The CREATOR Channel To make Hibiscus bonsai in the shortest time …. the first step would be ….. to collect a plant which has …. a thicker trunk. You can take nursery plant, you can make plant through air-layering your self …. or … you can grow plant through cutting propagation. Here I start with cuttings. You must choose a hardwood cutting like this. Hibiscus ….. cuttings roots easily but to propagate hardwood cuttings you have to …. start from early Monsoon I’ve taken 3 cuttings …. these are of Pink variety. This small terracotta pot is …. enough for their rooting Soil I’ll use is … mixture of leaf compost and garden soil … in 2 : 1 ratio. There’s no need of rooting hormone for hibiscus.

It roots naturally very well. Drainage hole must be clear. No waterlog should be there. After drying the top soil …. I’ll water it. Within about 14 to 21 days it roots. And new shoots start sprouting Couple of months … growing them in the same pot I’ve to … transplant them. Best time to repot is late Monsoon. I’ve chosen Pink variety because …. it continuously …. blooms and it’s leaves are … smaller than other varieties. All three cuttings propagated well I’ll grow two of these and … third one, I’ll gift my cousin Let remove them from pot. Well grown root ball. I’ll separate all the three plants. I’ll use this plastic pot to train them for next one year. I arranged 6 drainage hole under. And soil is same … garden soil & leaf compost mixture. A little root trim. this is tropical Hibiscus. In hot climate it blooms regularly. If you are from cold climate then … you should take perennial Hibiscus variety. After potting …. strong watering. After a week under the shade, then I’ll …. keep it under sun again.

on coming February I’ve to work on it again. It has settled in new pot well. Leaves turned to deep green. And blooming regularly too. I’ve crossed the first step to make a Hibiscus bonsai. Second step in next February. The work to do on it then …. also I’ll share with you That’s all for now … see you on next video … till then Goodbye. Thanks for watching. .